In Co-operation with Franz Helffenstein
Part of the art-project »Distrikt Ost«, Stuttgart
Initiated 2009 by Susanne Jakob und Georg

Solidarecycling is an artistic and socially driven reaction to the phenomenon of bottle-deposit collecting.
After the introduction of the can and bottle deposit in Germany 2003, has developed a kind of „collecting
culture“ consisting of people gathering bottles to earn extra money by returning them to the supermarket.
The project Solidarecycling consists of attaching white buckets with a self explanatory logo to street lamps,
bus stops, etc. The white buckets are to be used as collecting points for bottles and cans instead of garbage
buckets, saving time and hardship to collectors. In this sense, it is an action combining both solidarity and

Solidarecycling was realised as a pilot project in 2009 in the eastern part of Stuttgart, Germany; 60 buckets
were placed into urban locations to observe how citizens would react and interact with them. The results of
the experiment were shown as a documentation from December 2009 to February 2010 in the »Performance
Hotel« Stuttgart.

more informations at:
Artikel in der TAZ vom 02.07.2009

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Photos by: Nikolaus Schrot, Franz Helffenstein and Bernadete Fernandez