»Noise Concrete«
Audio – visual performance / Artistic Construction Site

for the opening of the exhibition:
urgent urban ambulance | uuuuuuuaaaaah! | Zustandsraum Stadt | up date
Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin, 2009

In co-operation with musicians Wojtek Bajda, Ralf Peter and performance artist Shoko Ito.

»noise concrete« is the setting up of an artistic action field on an innercity square. The fundamental element here,
is a running concrete mixer filled with stones, making the beat for the performance. Other instruments and materials
are used, such as marking spray, warning tape, dust shield textiles, light, microphones, laptop, mixer and speakers.
Those different medias will be used to improvise an acoustic and spatial transformation of the square.

Photos by Natalie Cordier

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