by ELEFANTERRIBLE / a collaboration of Vanessa Raynal and Nikolaus Schrot

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“Let´s go bad” is an intervention / installation in public space realized in Berlin Neukölln besides the former airport Tempelhof.
The action took place during the european football championship May 2012 and while ongoing european crisis.
The work is a fusion of the work of Nikolaus Schrot and the series “Flag Mix” by Vanessa Raynal :

A swimmer is carrying a flag which is a mixture of the german and the greek flag. It consists of the structures of greece and the german colors. The flag responds to the appearing of thousands of flags during the european football championship and at the same time is a comment to the negotiation between the european countries in time of crisis. In this game the roles of greece and germany are like antagonist – representing the “bad” and the “good” countries. The matches of championship accidentally gain a political level. The swimmer is going towards the edge of a diving board. Will she jump?

The Title also is a reference to the film “Daisies” (1966) by V?ra Chytilová. In the beginning of the film the protagonists, two girls in swimming suites decide to “go bad”…

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Photos: Tomaschko, Raynal, Schrot

The place of the installation is an former cemetery in Neukölln in the south of the “Schillerkiez” and at the south-eastern end of the former airport Tempelhof. The architecture on which the installation is placed was used as a light for the landing airplanes during the use of the airport. Today the lights of the several towers is not in use anymore.

Articel in the “Taz” about the terrain:

In the “Berliner Zeitung”:

Video of the intervention (Camera: Jasmin Schwarz; editing: Schrot & Raynal):

The place of the installation in google maps:

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