Intervention / Audio-Visual Performance in public space

by Elefanterrible aka Nikolaus Schrot, Vanessa Raynal & Bart?omiej Ku?niak
October 2012, for the 5th edition of Avant Art Festival, Wroc?aw, Poland

stop-motion video of the action:


The performance is based on the interaction of three or more persons using sound, material and body within a certain urban
space. During the performance they communicate between each other and the given space to negotiate its function and
atmosphere. The intervention can be applied in any site in urban space. The moving of bodies, material and sound are an
improvised reaction to architecture, passengers/traffic and noise to explore a situation in space and time.


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ELEFANTERRIBLE is an artistic collaboration between Nikolaus Schrot, Vanessa Raynal and Bart?omiej Ku?niak

Bart?omiej Ku?niak:
Vanessa Raynal:
Avant Art Festival:


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