ELEFANTERRIBLE aka Vanessa Raynal & Nikolaus Schrot produced a music video for the song “Vermillion Cliffs” of the french musician ELECTRONICAT published on No School Today.


ELECTRONICAT – VERMILLION CLIFFS from Frederic Bigot on Vimeo.


Vermillion Cliffs
Music by Electronicat
Video by Elefanterrible (Raynal/Schrot)

Vermillion Cliffs / Skyway Drive is the second release on the No School Today imprint, a series of limited edition
7“ singles (also available in digital format). This time we have two new instrumental tracks by Electronicat, both featuring his trademark, droning kick and agile guitar. Vermillion Cliffs has inherited more from Ballard than just its title – an arpeggiated Moog is set against a wide, dystopian landscape of propulsive rhythm, with a romantic memory of the past in the form of a western guitar riff. Think digital cowboys and futuristic prairies. In contrast, Skyway Drive is totally urban – a fitting homage to flyovers and sprawling spaghetti junctions, where a lackadaisical driving manner will only take you down the wrong turn. Ever in the mood for collaboration, Bigot asked French artists Nicolas Moulin and Vanessa Raynal to produce original video clips to accompany the music.

Music Video for the song “Skyway Drive” by Electronicat:

Skyway Drive by Nicolas Moulin