»Engpass« (Narrow Point), 2008
Installation in a public space in co-operation with Franz Helffenstein.

»Engpass« is a public space installation stressing a narrow point caused by an urban construction site.
In November 2008, »Engpass« was installed between fences from two construction sites in the center of
Saarbrücken, Germany.The two fences were considerably restricting a so called public space. Pedestrians
walking to the shopping center were pressed into a narrowing passage which had been a broad public square
before construction began.

After its construction, »Engpass« was steering pedestrians ever more through a blockade consisting of three
wooden doors, and barriers of warning tape. One had to walk back and forth to pass through narrow corridors
and doorways. »Engpass« would stress and exaggerate the existing spatial restriction of the site into an even
more absurd extreme.

Photos by Johannes Stoll


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Dokumentationsvideo Pal 16:9, 6min 08sec