»Research for Free Space« / Final project / Diploma of fine arts.

Sonderwerkstatt Saarbrücken, Germany 2008.

Installation using paint, spraypaint, warning
tape, video-screening (stop-motion animation)
and lights.

»Research For Free Space« is a site specific mixed-media installation. The work draws from phenomenons
which tend to de-structure a city’s living space. Nowadays, the construction of new buildings, shopping
malls and parking lots, tends to limitate, and even reduce the amount of free spaces that could be used
as living and socializing space for inhabitants. This raises the questions of how much influence really have
a city’s inhabitants on the setting and organising of their surroundings.

In this piece, road signs and warning tapes are used and integrated in the architectur, as a symbol for the
regulation of public spaces. They interact and contrast with the paintings and video projections, which
represent the artist’s intent to transcend and free himself from the spacial rules imposed on him.

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Documentation video of the installation:

Documentation video; Camera and editing by Marc André Misman