My work is an artistic approach or reaction to a certain space. Source of inspiration and topic of my work is the urban space and its inhabitants, its rhythm and its ever changing shape. The city as a complex system of interlacing historical, social and political layers provides a broad room of artistic possibilities. My work aims at the artistic appropriation of urban space. It poses the question how democratic our cities are created. Its about negotiating the public the private and the constitution of space of the city.

I use various medias like wall painting, sculpturing, video projections and light to create installations or site specific works aiming at the synthesis of medium, architecture and atmosphere. Since 2008 I realize installations, interventions and sculptures in public space.

Short vita:

2013 | Master of Art | Institute for Art in Context | Berlin University of the arts (UDK)
2009 | Meisterschüler of Prof. Georg Winter | Part of the Collective S_A_R Projektgruppe
2008 | Diplom of fine arts | Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar | Saarbrücken
2003-08 Studies of fine arts | Painting/Mixed Media with Prof. Daniel Hausig & Ulrike Rosenbach | HBK Saar


Here you can see and download my current portfolio

click here Portfolio-Schrot-German-2014

click here Portfolio-Schrot-English-2012