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“Sperrgebiet” / “Restricted area”

2. Dezember 2014

New Trailer for the ongoing project “Sperrgebiet” / “Restricted area”

Painting: Nikolaus Schrot
Photography: Irenäus Ilnicki
Editing: Nikolaus Schrot & Konrad Kästner
Music by Forest Jackson “Cymbalism”

The series »Restricted area« is a photographic documentation of paintings and their process of creation on the walls of an abandoned barracks site. The series was used to create a stop-motion-film that vividly represents the painting process. Not only the paintings itself, but also the camera perspective, natural light changes and the movements of the painter play an important role in designing the barracks. All these factors extend the static picture by adding a temporal level. A synthesis of painting, architecture, time, movement and light is thus created.

Preview: sketches of a moving city

15. April 2014

In March we shot the test for a upcoming series of interventions in public space planned in Summer 2014.

The series will consist of several stop-motion-video works, documenting the making of temporary drawings realized with chalk spray. The drawing should visualize a site specific character of a certain urban space, catching and translating the atmosphere, a unique structure or historical context of selected places in Berlin.

Video shot March 2014 at Hertabrücke, Neukölln. Drawing by Nikolaus Schrot. Footage by Irenäus Ilnicki




6. März 2014

New Video production by Nikolaus Schrot in collaboration with polish composer and musician Bart?omiej Ku?niak.

The videowork is an imaginary mind-trip… it´s a journey to everywhere.

Stop-Motion animation. Photographed passages between Berlin – Warszawa – Bydgoszcz – ?ód?.
Photographed November 2012. Edited February 2014. Video format: HD 1080Ă—810px, 4:3

More Info and images here
The work currently is part of an exhibition @ WerkStadt Kulturverein -> www.werkstadt-berlin.com
Exhibition runs till 21th of March 2014.



Update: Error in(to) the system

5. März 2014

Works added in “urban action”

Error in(to) the System is the final work of Nikolaus Schrot for the master of arts degree at the Berlin University of the Arts (UDK Berlin).
In 2013 Nikolaus Schrot did his Master degree at the the “Institute of art in context” at the Berlin University of the Arts.
His work consists of 5 video works which document and transform interventions in public space in Berlin.

All videos can be seen: here



Update 2013: Frameworks

5. März 2014

New Work / Gallery added to “Painting”.

Frameworks, 2013 @ Basement Gallery Berlin-Kreuzberg


Frameworks at Basement Gallery, Berlin 2013



Actual: Elefanterrible @ Avant Art Festival 2012

12. November 2012



Intervention / Audio-Visual Performance in public space

by Elefanterrible aka Nikolaus Schrot, Vanessa Raynal & Bart?omiej Ku?niak

for more Information and photos click here

October 2012 for 5th edition of Avant Art Festival, Wroc?aw, Poland
Part of the project: Social up Spacing curated by Gabriela Kowalska

->> Social up Spacing

Involvement is a collective work in public space by ELEFANTERRIBLE
Nikolaus Schrot, Vanessa Raynal and Bart?omiej Ku?niak

Nikolaus Schrot: www.nikolausschrot.de
Bart?omiej Ku?niak: http://333flow.com
Vanessa Raynal: 2flytheflag.blogspot.de
Avant Art Festival: avantart.pl

NEWS: Vermillion Cliffs – Music video by Elefanterrible

6. Juli 2012

///// NEWS ///// JULY ///// 2012 /////

ELEFANTERRIBLE aka Vanessa Raynal & Nikolaus Schrot produced the music video for the new released song “Vermillion Cliffs” of the french musician ELECTRONICAT published on No School Today.


ELECTRONICAT – VERMILLION CLIFFS from Frederic Bigot on Vimeo.


Vermillion Cliffs
Music by Electronicat
Video by Elefanterrible (Raynal/Schrot)

Vermillion Cliffs / Skyway Drive is the second release on the No School Today imprint, a series of limited edition
7“ singles (also available in digital format). This time we have two new instrumental tracks by Electronicat, both featuring his trademark, droning kick and agile guitar. Vermillion Cliffs has inherited more from Ballard than just its title – an arpeggiated Moog is set against a wide, dystopian landscape of propulsive rhythm, with a romantic memory of the past in the form of a western guitar riff. Think digital cowboys and futuristic prairies. In contrast, Skyway Drive is totally urban – a fitting homage to flyovers and sprawling spaghetti junctions, where a lackadaisical driving manner will only take you down the wrong turn. Ever in the mood for collaboration, Bigot asked French artists Nicolas Moulin and Vanessa Raynal to produce original video clips to accompany the music.

Music Video for the song “Skyway Drive” by Electronicat:

Skyway Drive by Nicolas Moulin


Let´s go bad / Elefanterrible / Nikolaus Schrot & Vanessa Raynal

13. Juni 2012

//////// NEWS//////// JUNE //////// 2012 //////////

Liebe Bekannte und Unbekannte / Dear friends and unknown friends

Elefanterrible lädt euch herzlich ein zu:
Elefanterrible proudly invites and presents you:

?Let´s go bad?

Eine Installation / Intervention im öffentlichen Raum von Vanessa Raynal und Nikolaus Schrot
An installation in situ / intervention in public space by Vanessa Raynal and Nikolaus Schrot

For more information and pictures click >here

Photo: Victoria Tomaschko

Neben dem Tempelhofer Feld?ehemalige Einflugschneise?Berlin-Neukölln
Besides the Tempelhofer field?former landing area airport Tempelhof?Berlin-Neukölln
Ab jetzt, während des 48 Stunden Neukölln Festivals 15.-17.06.12 & noch ein bisschen länger…
From now on, during the 48 Stunden Neukölln Festivals 15.-17.06.12 & a little while longer…

. . .

Dokumentation & Ausstellung im WerkStadt Kulturverein während des 48 Stunden Neukölln Festivals
Anneli SchĂĽtz ? Nikolaus Schrot ? Vanessa Raynal

Im / At WerkStadt Kulturverein, Emser StraĂźe 124, 12051 Berlin, www.werkstadt-berlin.com

Anneli SchĂĽtz / Crystal Messanger / 2012

Verkehrsverbindungen / Traffic: U8 HermannstraĂźe & LeinestraĂźe / U7 Neukölln / S – Ringbahn HermannstraĂźe

See you!


Größere Kartenansicht

17. Juli 2011

“Baustellen fĂĽr Zuhause”

Nikolaus Schrot

In der “Staatsgalerie – Prenzlauer Berg”
Greifswalder StraĂźe 218
10405 Berlin => maps

19.07. – 22.07.2011

Eröffnung am Dienstag 19.07.2011 ; 20h00


»Kleine nette Baustelle für Zuhause«

2008/09, Kollagen auf Leinwand, Dispersion, Absperrband, Kleber, SprĂĽhlack
2010/11, Kollagen auf Holzrahmen, Kaninchendraht, Absperrband, Kleber, Papier

Modulsystem aus mehreren Leinwänden

Die Leinwände können wahlweise an der Wand und/oder im Raum platziert
werden und so an die Räumlichkeiten angepasst werden. Damit soll eine
sinnvolle Integration der Malerei/Plastik in die Architektur erreicht
werden. Das Modul ist beliebig erweiterbar…